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[South Sudan] Life in Tent

You're currently on a transit in one of the busiest airports in the continent. On your way home after finishing another mission with one of the most prestigious humanitarian organizations in the world. Now the memories of the past few months in the project start to come back. Only after you're out of the project you can see clearly what really went through.
Hot and dusty. First impressions that you got once you landed on that red-clay soil airstrip. You began to think whether you're going to survive the mission or head home early. You arrived in the compound, welcomed by various faces with names and positions that is impossible to remember in one go. Put your bag down in the dining room, grabbed a cup of water and was immediately taken for the tour in the compound. Continued with another tour of the hospital with another person.
There has been questions on your arrival to the project: what exactly you're going to do there; why you don't take on calls; how long will y…

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