the last time we meet

i remember the last time we met.

i was waiting for about an hour in front of the capital's oldest department store. i was upset, and smiled at the same time, when you finally showed up around the corner. i tried my best not to hug you. you were just standing there, with your smile, explaining how the cab driver had to take the longer road to get you there. i didn't hear the whole sentence though, i was just captivated by you.

we then went off for a supper at a well-known makassar restaurant nearby. the talk continued. about your days. about my days. about how damn long it is for us to finally meet again. in the mean time, i don't have much courage to look you in the eyes too long. afraid i might get lost in them.

after that, we went strolling down the road. there happened to be an annual festival that took almost half the street wide. there was a stage with a band performing, the crowd was cheering and singing along. but all i wanted to do is laying in the bed with you hugging me.

after watching the band for a while, we hailed a cab and decided to get back to the hotel. on the way there we decided to buy condoms and lube but there seemed to be no pharmacy opens. so we asked the driver to turn and look for any pharmacy opens at that hour. it was about 11 pm. we finally got a 24-hour pharmacy in cikini. we half argued on whose to buy those stuffs (of course it's you). a moment later, you walked out of that pharmacy with a restrained smile and the much coveted stuffs :)

we spent that night, should i say, in heaven?

morning came quickly. you got up quickly and left me in the room alone. and then you came with bubur ayam and muscle sprain. poor you.

we then headed up to your training hotel. and had another private session there :) we then split up: i had to get to work, and you had to attend your training.

the story's not over yet.

we met again 2 days later. you picked me up at the clinic. your ankle became more swollen, so i brought you some medicines. we had supper at the reknowned bebek kaleyo and then returned to the hotel and said goodbyes at the lobby.

and that's it.

that's the last time i ever saw your face again.


  1. OMG...OMG...OMG...

    Tumben2an vulgar begeneh... huhuhuhu...

  2. Eh, condoms and lube, most coveted stuff?

  3. "that's the last time i ever saw your face again."

    this one is the hardest right...

  4. psstt ... dulu sering mbaca Nick Carter dan Barbra Cartland ya? :) kinky romantic gimanaaa gituh ... semoga bisa ketemu lagi ya.


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