one gloomy evening

I remember it as one gloomy evening.
It was more than 20 years ago when one evening the family doctor came to our house. The grey-haired doctor was picked up from his practice by a taxi (and was taken back afterwards). There were some relatives and few neighbors in the house. They were all speaking softly as if afraid if their loud voice will break something. Their faces looked concerned.
I knew something was going wrong.
Later on, I learned that the grand mother had a second stroke. Her blood pressure (and I guess her blood glucose as well) went rising off the roof. She became paralyzed once again. The doctor did his job and returend to his practice.
That's what I remember.

And now tonight, I was asked to do home visit to a house near the clinic. Feeling vvery tired after being 'on guard' for more than 24 hours, I reluctantly agreed the request. The patient was actually a 70-something-year-old man with hypertension and, with my so-educated guess, stroke. The family asked if I could set up an IV line and give the man a bottle or so IV fluid. I said no to their request and gave reason that we just don't do that at our clinic. The family already mentioned about their hesitancy to bring the man to the hospital, so I held myself not to ask them to do that.

After I got back to the clinic, couldn't help remembering what actually happened at home on that one gloomy evening. I didn't remember whether or not Oma was taken to the hospital after being examined by the kind doctor. One thing for sure: she was not infused. and then it occurred to me what the family doctor would do in such situation. Will he make the same thing as I did? Should I just set up that IV line? And did I make the right call?

Time will tell.


  1. selama ini aku belum pernah mbaca tulisan tentang dokter yang sungguh 'human' ... and you just did :)aku jadi terharu.


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