at life (baca: lagi mellow)

a couple of nights ago i caught an episode of departures, one of my favorite traveling reality show. apparently justin lukach and scott wislon went to indonesia. bali and sumba to be exact.

the pictures were beautiful as always. it just makes me love my country and the countryside even more. i think it's amazing how simple things we saw and took for granted everyday look so beautiful.

they met and was guided by a young balinese who happens to be so wise. the guy said, in order to love bali (i'm gonna change it into my country), you have to go outside and see it from a distance.

the main reason why i like the show so much is the main reason why the boys started the journey on the first place: they were looking for something missing in their life. they were looking for their place in the world. just as i am.

so here i am, on my early 30, still haven't yet decided to settle down. it's not that i don't want to. i just think settling down by following what others do is not what i desire.

I am pretty sure that i can see where i'm going and what i want to do. but i'm still looking for the path to get there.

i hopefully find it in the near future *fingerscrossed*


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