Moving Past Guilt

About a week ago, I received a document from a psychologist. The title of the document is "How to Overcome Feelings of Guilt."

Serious stuff. Of course I'm not going to tell you why I talked to a psychologist. It's confidential.

Well, I guess, in general, we all have guilt. But the one that I'm feeling now is considered unhealthy guilt. Of course if you are guilty as charged, it doesn't really matter. But if that guilt comes from something that is out of your control, then it should be overcome.
The article said that we should first identify the source of this guilt. From there, we can determine if it's a normal-natural guilt or unproductive guilt. After identifying, write about those feelings in a journal. This should not be difficult for me since I am used to write almost everything: daily life, work-related, unimportant things. This activity will be able to help to understand the feeling and afterwards will be able to deal it. One thing for sure, we can describe what happened in order to understand the extent of the event that made you feel guilty and understand why it made you feel guilty.

After doing those things, we then should move past guilty feeling. Because wallowing in the past doesn't do good things to our lives, it will just make us more depressed. First thing to do when we are moving past guilt is by forgiving ourselves for what had happened. Especially if the event that happened was out of our hands and beyond our control. Just because it happened and we could not do anything about it, doesn't make us a bad person. Second thing to do is to change guilt into gratitude. This needs constant reassurance not only from ourselves but also from our inner circle. Guilt can be destructive. That is why it needs to be managed and handled. Third thing is to do good deeds. Of course whatever good deeds that we do will not change what happened but it will help us move forward to a more positive life.

After doing all those things, if you still consistently have guilty feeling, then it's time to seek professional help, especially when this guilt interfere with your daily life and work.

This post is so not me, but I think I should write down things that are currently happening in my life. This thing is one of them.


  1. and now, you become wiser then i know before. the baby effect? **opps

  2. Gak juga pak ah....biasa aja....hehehe


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