Bentiu One More Time

It's been 8 weeks since I left my family and home for another mission with MSF in South Sudan. It's my fourth time in South Sudan. Second time in Bentiu.

Yup. The same project that I worked at few months back.

I'm back in Bentiu now. Again as Clinical Lead.

Same place. Same difficult living conditions. More or less the same national staffs. But totally different situation.

The international staffs that I work with now are totally different from the previous one. And also now that the new hospital management structure is in place and running, my role is pretty much well defined. There are paths to follow, goals to achieve. Unlike before when I was just trying to find my own way and try to work it out.

I'm facing a new set of challenges that I must work my way through it to reach the goals that have been set up. From the hands-on point of view, since we currently have 3 MDs (2 MDs and 1 Ped) I don't have to take on-calls much often but once in a while I still cover the ward round when one of the MDs is off. I still get questions regarding patient diagnosis or treatment protocols. Other than that, I work behind the desk.

                                                               saving the project one email at a time

Answering emails, replying them, asking clarifications or preparing proposals, setting up protocols. Of course, I still run around the wards, the pharmacy, admin office and back to my desk to follow up things.

I feel that I don't put out fire as much as before. I feel that I am braver than before. Not only because I was here before, but also because I have more confidence in what I'm doing at the moment. I feel that if I'm not pushing harder, I will not get the answer I'm looking for.
8 weeks down. 5 more weeks to go.


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