The Reporting Week

The reporting week is the most stressful week of the month. As the one in charge of  compiling data and editing narratives from different medical departments, I work on a very tight deadline. On top of that, I still have my daily tasks to be completed and meetings to be attended making it an anxiety-induced week that happens at the beginning of every month.

It is challenging and can be overwhelming, sometimes I feel like I'm about to explode with some many things going on at the same time. Other times I feel like I'm in slow motion while other people move in normal speed and see them completing their work while I'm stuck with the report. But to be honest, through this report-making process I am able to know more about things I barely notice before. This also gives me a more thorough insight of the medical programs that we're running. I get to ask questions to our national staffs about things we normally overlook or never think about before. And for that reason I am grateful.

As one of the international staffs that come and go after a certain period of time, I--We--sometimes don't really consider our national staffs' thoughts or ideas. We think we know more. But there are times when their local wisdom and knowledge prove to be very valuable. One of that times is when we ask their opinions and input for the monthly report. They might know why the number of consultation drops this month. Or why the patients refuse to eat the food prepared in the hospital and prefer the home cooked food (well, in general people don't really like hospital food).

Back to the report-making activity where in the end I just push myself hard so I can get through this moment. Alive. And then prepare for whatever comes ahead.


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