New Place New Role

 *bukan pencitraan*

It's been a month since I start working at a small private hospital near home. I resigned from the previous hospital at the end of May and started to work at this hospital after the Eid holiday. It's so close that it only takes 15 minutes on scooter from home. I get to go home for lunch and I get to go home before dark.

Of course there's a catch to it. Most of the time I sit behind desk, doing paper work. So it can be quite dull. But over the time I manage to find ways to be more active and productive, and by the time I realize, it's time to go home. The other downside to this is that I don't get to see patients. Instead I manage the patients and the services provided. This is similar to what I did back in Bentiu only to a more extreme side.

I realize as a general practitioner working at a hospital, this is how I climb the managerial ladder: by taking more roles and responsibilities in management (although this means I will get less chance to do clinical work). However, I fully understand that as I gain more experience and more flight hours as a doctor, it is my morale duty to improve the quality of care given to the patient by the hospital. And I can do that--unfortunately--by sitting behind desk in an air-conditioned office.

It is what I do now. But I believe there's more to life than just my job. As Chairil Anwar once said,"Hidup ini hanya sekali, hiduplah yang berarti," now I'm trying to live a more meaningful life to me and to others.


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