The Adjustment Period

 isn't this just beautiful?

My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter on the 8th of February 2020. Little did we realize that it would not be easy dealing with our son that does not quite fancy having a younger sister.
And so comes the adjustment period. A period where the big brother is adjusting himself to the presence of the younger sister. But not only that. It's how I and my wife adjust our lives to the presence of our new born daughter to our daily lives to how we treat our son.
This is a rather complex issue. Not only my wife and I adjust our daily routine but also how we raise and take care of our son. This ranges from as simple as wake up time to how and when we go to bed. From who goes to shower first to (try to) make reason with my son that his baby sister is not a doll and that she can feel hunger and pain.
She is four months old now, but to be honest it's a still a work in progress. At the moment we are still trying to adjust and adapt our lives and habits to accommodate her into our world.


  1. It must be a memorable time of your life. Congrats on your second baby and good luck for the familiy during the adjustment period. He will grow up caring for his sister and perhaps be her future bodyguard

    1. Thank you bro! Stay safe selama masa pandemi ini!


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