a mother's instinct

yesterday i had afternoon shift (baca: jaga siang), and on that time there was a knock on the door from a mother whose child needed to have wound care. it was about 7.30 in the evening, i was almost worn out after preparing the presentation for today's parade. the mother was asking that her baby required wound care, i replied that the child's wound on the stomach needed to be closed and opened her anal wound so that the baby would be able to start defecate from the anal. halfly argued, she said that the baby has never undergone bouginatie and so it's quite difficult for her to understand and to allow me to perform such thing. completely tired, i raise my voice said that it was the doctor's order. i then took my book, called the doctor and explained the situation in front of her. she still complained. i raised my voice on the phone as if talking to someone far. she complained. up until the doctor said don't need to do it, i lowered my voice and told her to wait in her room. still complained, left me on the door almost pissed off. she made me pissed off! really pissed off! and every time i remember about it, i get mad.

but then again, every time i remember about it, i realize that it was only about a mother who's protecting her baby. it was a mother whose child was on a critical time and needed help. it has always been-and always will be-a mother's instinct to protect her babies and loved-ones whatever it takes, whenever it takes. mother's instinct crosses boundaries, time and space. it will always be on guard. mother's instinct make children safe, warm, protected.


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