Gustilo, Merkow and Templeman

these three people gave me a hard time during my ortho exam the last 2 days! padahal, kenal aja enggak. pernah ketemu aja enggak. tetangga bukan, sodara apalagi! gmn enggak klo mereka bertiga adalah jawaban dari my one and only question.

i've never known (and realized!) klo mereka itu penting sekali! meneketehe gitu?! i know now that they are the authors of "The Management of Open Fractures" yang di dalamnya berisi klasifikasi mengenai fraktur terbuka. and that was the question came from.

Prof: so, what's your case?
me: open fracture of tibia-fibula sinistra grade 1
Prof: what's a grade 1?
me: clean wound, wound length less than 1 cm usually as a result from bone fragment coming out to the skin.
Prof: who made the classification?
me: pardon me
Prof: who made the classification? *in big voice*
me:I......don't know, Prof
Prof: didn't you read my book?
*he wrote a book on orthopedic surgeon
me: i did, but i didn't find it
Prof: Ha?! it means you didnot read it. it's in there. in the book *voice grew even bigger
me: i'm sorry sir
Prof: get out. read my book and then come back

i came back the next day, which is yesterday. and after waiting for 5 hours.

Prof: so, have you read (my book)?
me: yes, professor
Prof: so, what is it?
me: it's by Gustilo, Merkow and Templeman, sir
Prof: yes of course *with proud look* now, where do i sign?!
me: *sigh


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