sms-es that remind me how old i am

it's still kinda vague to me that i'm turning OLD. especially today. it seems too fast that the number changes from '6' to '7'. thank's too old buddies, friends and foes that slap me many times, waking me up from the long slumber and yelling me right on my face: wake up, you're 27 now!

here they are (of course with several editing on the text messages):
  1. ulfah: lukman slamat ultah yg k' 27, meskipun b'-1 ksmptan hdp d' dunia, smg sll d'beri kshtan yang bae & sll d'p'mdh dlm sgl hal, +dws, + d'syg sm semua yg syg sm kau...(yeah..yeah..yeah)
  2. zuzane: happy bday k lukman..smoga cpt slese dktrx (smangat!!), enteng jodoh, tmbh syg org yg dsayang hehe sm murah rezeki..amien (hehehe...amien!)
  3. yukee: hepy bday dear spupz..cpt slesai yaaaaa..ol d best! (oke deh!)
  4. ndi: birthday is just a first day of 365 days trip around the sun..Enjoy the trip! (i actually like this one!)
  5. atied: man..."met ultah ke 27" yah smg smua yg diinginkan tercapai kbr? Kpn wisuda n gudluck ok (graduation?! stop it!)
  6. milda: saenggak chulka hamnida...saenggak chulka hamnida...saranghaneun Lukman opPa...saenggak chulka hamnida (watthe?!)
  7. +628134296xxx: happy birthday, smoga pjg umur n' sukses slalu ya..:-D ( are...)
  8. irma: ass.wrwb dan ingtlh saudraQ wkt i2 tiada trgntikn smkn br_nya usia mnunjukkn smkn dkt qt dgnNYA dsisa wkt Qt, marilah qt mngisix dgn snntyasa mengingatNYA ^_^ Happy b'day k' Luke'..yg ke-brp nih?? dtggu ya traktiranx (that's quite heavy, girl!)
  9. adin+susie+azzah: kami ucapx happy birthday met ultah! wish u all d'best.. :) (makasih!)
  10. lil' sista: ( thingie) btw met ultah ye..cpt2 cari cw coz dah tua lo (aha..!)
  11. +628529956xxx: ..hpy bday k luqman.. \<^o^>/ hope u feel..happy healthy hardy hospitable humane serenity success dunia akherat..Amin.. (and you are..)
  12. Boncel: selamat ulang tahun yah, semoga sukses dlm cita dan cinta (same to you too :D)
that and 3 phone calls, a couple of comments on friendster and a bunch of hand shakes.

enuff, okey! i get the point.


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