when i was waiting for the ortho exam

waiting is a dull job. especially when you have to sit still. like a statue, that is. especially when the outcome of the waiting-in-progress is a blur. we, co-assistants, have a lot of experiences with waiting. at the ward waiting for the morning rounds, at the OR waiting for the operation obviously, and the operator, at the class waiting for a lecture or a discussion with one of the residents or one of the supervisors. outside the office waiting for the exam. like i'm doing now.

if combined all together, we would have waited for almost 1000 hours during the 2-year clerkship.

on a good day, we would only need to wait for about one hour. on a not-so-good day, waiting would be the only thing we do. honestly.

it's wasting time, energy, and numbing the ass as well!

after thoughts,
this what makes us doctors tough! this kind of pressure: patiently waiting, patiently taking all the blames, patiently being humiliated. people throw almost everything to us which we will take it all up and carry on saving other lives. this waiting stuff has actually given me more time to read (and to contemplate!).

that and the fact that we have friends and families back us up, support us all the way. well, i am glad i have them!

times like this i just want to runaway and sit in front of the laptop, my comfort zone. blogging to the heart's content. ouw, i just want this to be over quick! it's like nightmare with no end.


  1. Waduh.. hampir 6 minggu cuma duduk nunggu ujian pak? Pantesan lama lulus hihi.. *kidding*

  2. bukan 6 mggu kali! dua hari! but, it was more than enuff to numb my ass. 6 minggu itu dinas, slesai dinas baru ujian. gitu, bang.


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