keputusan penting!

(this post was written on an ambulance with the help of samsung x150 on the way to anywhere but my future)

important decisions are being made everyday. sometimes in a matter of minutes. through that decision, we leap from one circumstance to another only to find that we must make another decision.

just like what i'm doing now. i decided that i'm not going to pursue this month's graduation. my pride trumps my desire to be a doctor. so, masalahnya adalah nilai forensik yang blum bisa kluar karena jumlah otopsi yang belum lengkap saya lakukan. biar bisa kluar, harus menghadap KPM, explain the whole goddamn thing dan minta dispensasi dari bliau biar nilainya bisa dikluarkan dan sy bisa ikut wisuda. but, i feel it's too much. i don't like asking things. especially when it includes begging and lowering myself, my pride just to get something. and i hate begging! it's in the blood, i guess. neither my father nor my mother like doing it.

so, after making two dozens call to the father and the sister, i decided to go on an emergency team to sinjai. here i am now, sitting inside a roaring ambulance to sinjai imagining what my would be like 3 days from now.

we, finally headed home tuesday night after an exhausting day at the village.


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