the last exam alias ujian terakhir

the night before the exam
i'm taking a huge risk. i concluded that the victim died from heart failure due to cardiorrhexis as a result from drowning (am i saying it right?) and not go with the usual conclusion that the victim died from respiratory failure due to water filling the lung as a result from drowning. the case is drowning, by the way (obviously, right?!)

just wish me luck!

the exam day
i started up late. left the house @ 9 AM. and after preparing some things, i waited. we waited.

the last exam of my clerkship
and there it was. 11.15. apparently there were two other more who's waiting for him. we sat in front of him. i'm the second candidate. he started with toxicology (OMG I never touched that thing!) and then continued with our autopsy report that is, in order, electrical burn, drowning, hanging and then another drowning. it was so-so lah. dia nanya muter2, kliling2 smbil sesekali menjelaskan ke kita. after 1 hour, i was thinking when it's going to end?
btw, dia sm skali gak 'nyentuh' VeR-nya. dia cuma nanya kamu apa?! saya jawab: tenggelam, dok. hmm bgitu. knp disimpulkan tenggelam? and then blablabla yadayadayada. jadi sy aman2 aja dgn kesimpulan yg agak2 out of the box itu (meskipun bukti2 yg menguatkan ada) hehehe....anyway he wrapped up at approximately 1.15 PM. jadi total skitar 2 jam. abis itu ke kampus. bersosialisasi hehehe.

after the exam
and now, here i am. right at my very comfort zone: in front of the laptop on the corner of the room browsing (and blogging too!) to the heart's content. still running like hell, though!


  1. broer ini Medical examiner ya ? jadi ingat tokoh ducky di serial NCIS xixixi....
    salam kenal broer..

  2. 2 pathegalan: bukan bang! masih doctor-in-making gitu deh :D


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