the chill

sometimes at night we get scared after seeing scary things like 6-day old corpse. in the afternoon, we did not feel scared because it was a together experience. but at night, when we are alone, we suddenly remember one specific moment with the corpse. one specific glance or one specific look at the body that only we experienced. the memory then gives us the chill or even goose bumps. and we find it's pretty hard to fall asleep tonight.


  1. aduh. pak.. postingan lo akhir-akhir ini kok horror semua ya.. tapi ga pa pa. latihan biar berani! One more thing kenapa gw ga milih kedokteran. gw amat sangat penakut! (walau keseharian sih cuek bebek..)

  2. gakpapa, ntar malah jadi punya banyak kenalan dunia dan akhirat..


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