Today's case: GSW* to the mouth exited through the left occiput

(i wrote this last friday on the very limited capacity of samsung x-150, but have never got the opportunity to post until today)

today's case: GSW* to the mouth exited through the left occiput. i actually saw this guy on the news @ 2 am last nite and got the hunch that he'll be cut open very soon. this 22 y/o guy whose life ended last night.

i arrived at the autopsy room at 10 am. it was just started. and it was easy to see that everybody wanted to get involved but not deeply involved. because they were afraid to make mistakes and to be blamed if something wrong happens. besides, it would be very much easier to scurry and then disappear when they are too bored or exhausted.

others just observe. period. they only came as an obligation. they only work if it suits them.

crossed my mind the minute the guy knew he was gonna be shot. that in any minute he's gonna be killed. how he begged and cried for his life. on second thought, he's a resistant. a rebel. he probably never begged. he faced the weapon bravely. he showed no fear. all that's left of him was his pride. and he's going to hold it out.

and then when the bullet went through his head, his short life was fast forwarded in front of his eyes. his childhood. his parents. oww, they're gonna be pissed when they know i'm dead. his families. his friends. oww, i'm gonna miss them. wait who's going to bring home my bike? his study. oww, shit i'm dying.

the autopsy finished at 2.30 pm. so it took about 4,5 hours.
rushed back to the campus and off to pangkep. so, it was a leap from one thing to another.

* = Gun Shot Wound


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