after 63 years, where are we getting at?

TV's are already airing nationalism features or documentations, TV commercials are intentionally made to celebrate the nation's 63th anniversary. and so it's has come to my mind that how we've taken this independent for granted, how we've taken the nation for granted.

with all the high rise oil price, never end corruptions, famine and drought, electricity shortage, after 63 years where are we getting at?

63 is young age for a nation, so lack of things in many areas are somewhat forgivable, but how come nations as young as malaysia, singapore or taiwan can be so powerful and developed? what's wrong with us?

i tell you what's wrong with us. it's because we've been taking this independent for granted. because we take this whole nation for granted. we haven't been using our independency and our prosperous soil and rich water well. what i mean by 'well' here is in terms quantity and quality.

we do things the way we want, anywhere we want, anytime we want. we never, or at least we rarely, do it for the nation's best interest. the people's best interest. it's our lack of attention to the surrounding, our carelessness to the people and environment around us, our willingness to do things for the nation.

and if we keep doing it, we'll surely be colonialized economically, culturally, politically, educationally. now, do we want that to happen?


  1. Though it has been a grand master strategy of the advanced countries, still is important for us to stop 'bitching' about how low and slow we are and the likes, instead of making real progress within the self and empowering others for betterment.. this way, you'd be contributing to the overal betterment.

    It is easy to boo-ing and taking part of 'the blame-game', the change is within thyself, dear.. when to start? now is the time for you and all of us.

    Regards from West Africa.

  2. Errr... udah 63 ya? Tua juga.. *dengan muka lugu*.... plak!

    Ayo bangun bangsa dan negeri ini... (menatap nanar dengan muka ga yakin. tapi.. semua mungkin kan. yang penting niat sungguh-sungguh nya dulu kan?)...


  3. bagaimana kalau kita mulai SEKARANG!
    saya mulai dengan menjadi disiplin yang paling kecil: menyebrang pada tempatnya dan pada waktunya, Dan berusaha keras tepat waktu dalam menepati janji pertemuan dengan siapapun.

    Saya melihat masyarakat negara maju dan relatif stabil seperti Jepang dan Jerman mempunyai kesadaran disiplin yang luar biasa secara kolektif. Hal itu bukannya terjadi begitu saja dalam beberapa tahun. Mereka punya sejarah yang panjang dengan budaya tersebut.

    Saya juga punya mimpi yang besar. Bagaimana kalau kita mulai dari yang membudayakan yang kecil2?

  4. 2domba garut: it is bitching. it is blame-game. it is my way to encourage myself (and hopefully others!) to do better.

    2noel: iyya pak udah 63 tahun! masa baru bbrp minggu d luar udah lupa sih?! :D

    2alfa: bennnerr!!!! mulai dari yg paling kecil, mulai dari diri sendiri dan pastinya mulai dari SEKARANG!!


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