the marriage receptions

marriage receptions used to be something that i avoid. merely because didn't know what to wear and didn't have anything to wear. along the time, i've managed few good formal shirts and pants and suit and the right shoes, but the problem was who would accompany me. and so, i've overcome these problems over the year and started to go to marriage receptions. of course the ones that invite me.

and also because my inner circle friends, one by one, are starting to get married.

and so, it has changed. marriage reception that i used to avoid is now place to be happy and to see happy people and don't really matter what to wear.

it's a place to be happy because at marriage reception i meet wonderful friends, family members, distant relatives, eat buffet food and get funny merchandise, you know the thing they gave you as thanking you for coming to the reception.

the best part is seeing happy people. the newlywed. the couple. the husband and wife (and of course their families). i'm going to talk here about the couple. a part from the thick make up they're wearing, they seem to glow. as if their happiness and joy overshine the make up. there's this distinctive glow that is different from the parents' glow or the friends' and families' glow. it's a glow that comes of the wonderful feeling that one gets when knowing that finally there's someone who'll be by one's side for the rest of one's life. wonderful feeling that surfaces from deep down inside when finally one is complete. when the search is over. and then one can sit back and enjoy the rest of one's life with calm and secure feeling.

of course there will be bumps on the path. but, again, it's glad to know that one has someone to rely on and someone by one's side when it happens. comforting. calming. reassuring that everything's gonna be alright.



  1. yup... menghadiri undangan pernikahan temen itu sangat seneng. kadang saya ngebayangin klo saya yg ada di pelaminan dengan pasangan saya tentunya, gimana ya rasanya... melihat teman teman dan kolega kolega berdatangan... keknya asyik deh.. hahahaha...


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