taking off or settling down?!

taking off or settling down? questions are coming with the completion of my study from bapak, families, friends and foes. jawaban sy adalah: jalan2! in other words, i don't have any thought to settle down at this moment and to the 5 years ahead. it's not in my plan.

taking off and settling down are two completely different things. each thing leads to a different path. so, with all the questions from nearly all people that i know and know me, which one am i? skali lagi, i myself pretty sure that i'm just taking off now. just getting ready to face the world professionally. so why does everyboy ask me to settle down? i mean, already?! i haven't been 'playing' yet.

well, i'm a life saver. a life saver always takes risk. and a risk taker is an adventurer by nature. so tell me how does an adventurer settle down?


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