jaga pertamaku

(aslinya ditulis 13 September 2008 kemaren, berhubung baru bisa online-nya skrg, jadi baru d-posting skrg deh)

jaga pertama. all the 9-year study comes down to this day (and the days forward!). excited. nervous. anxious. and a bit sleepy. wondering how this day will end up.

so this is my first jaga. as i told before, agak nervous, anxious and a bit sleepy. dan sperti yg sdh diduga, it's pretty much boring because i'm alone and i don't talk much and (up to this moment!) pasiennya gak banyak. and i'm sleepy.

baru kerasa jelas skrg that i don't only make important decisions for myself, but also for the patients as well. sperti pasien dgn malaise + ikterus ringan yang sy rawat dgn Hep A. apa bener2 perlu dirawat?! agak khawatir bgmn klo pasiennya gitu2 aja stelah dirawat.

jadi sadar! that in the end i'm worried about my well-being and not the patients.
does that make me a bad caregiver?!


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