the thought that i nearly kill somebody by accident is horrible. it's haunting. depressing. and of course
humiliating. it's very much difficult to get rid of off my mind. it's in the back of my mind for days and reappears sporadically every now and then. forces me to re-live the horrific moment which makes me even more depressed.


as medical doctors, we, under the oath, are obliged to cure and take care patients in a civilized and well-mannered way and prevent them from getting worse or even death.

but, what if one day, we slip. we make a mistake. we misdiagnose and give them the wrong medicines?

i'm sure that deep down inside, we are trying to do the best we can for the sake of the patients.

but, what if one day we slip? after all, dokter jg manusiaaa....

the answers are:

one, make no more mistakes. period.
two, as old saying goes: there is no such thing as an improved and developed doctor. there's only doctor who is constantly improving and developing itself to be perfect. in skills and knowledge. soft skill and hard skill.

so, there won't be any misdiagnosing in the future.


  1. dokter just a human but there arent want to understand that, we must perfect everytime and dont make any mistakes (like a robot maybe)!


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