fed up!

bantar gebang, 11 januari 2009

today, i'm quite fed up with the constant flowing of patients. they keep coming and coming and coming almost to no end. it's like there's a factory that produces a bunch of sick people nearby. and seems like somebody keeps pointing direction of the clinic at the street corner. hence, producing the overflowing patient.

i know that more patients means more money for me (and the clinic, of course!) and it's not that i'm being ungrateful for that but, hey this guy needs a break.

this constant flowing patients comes in ones or twos. threes the most. that's why it's so difficult for me to break out a while. another comes just as i finish with a patient. another one arrives just after i take off my coat and head to the restroom. another one comes exactly when i'm urinating. another two comes when i was examining the previous patient. do you really want to hear the rest?

and then there are patients with mild headache or 1-day-old fever that comes to the clinic on a hot blazing afternoon when the sun burns out everything outside. i mean, hello?! is it so painful for you that you can't wait until the sun falls calm a bit? and can you not take one of those over-the-counter painkillers and antipyretics?

i'd say we'll all agree that the bigger work volume has to be done, the bigger chance of a mistake to happen. and not to mention the work load. we are in close encounter with life and death here! so, of course it has a humongous work load.

so i guess the vice president got a point when he said that a doctor should not treat more than 30 patients per day. if it's more than that he thinks the service given would not be optimal and that the patients would not receive proper treatment and medication.


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