the ICU patient

sunday, oct. 07 2007 11.28 WITA

there's this patient of mine. male. 64 years. suffers from cerebral infarct and has been on the icu for 20 days now. his life depends on a vent machine.

and there's this girl. small girl. white skin with small glasses. her daughter i suppose. a reguler visitor. seldom speaks or throws a question to doctors and nurses about her father, but she usually talks to him. he is of course unconscious. so he cannot respond her.

today she is wearing a yellowish shirt and a pinkish pants. still with the small glasses. she's saying hi to him. telling him what day is it. how the sun still burns everything outside. asking him how is he and telling him how she is. she's telling how's home without him and how she misses him and how badly wants him back. still no respond. and then, while holding his hand and put it on her cheek, she tells him that ramadhan is going to end in a few days. how wonderful it is if he can join her and the rest of the family on the ied day. she's going to cook him everything he wants, she's sure that after having dextroses and ringer lactates and kaen mg 3's and albumins he would love to have real food!

no respond. nothing.

and then, slowly she's starting to lose her grip. starts to shake. her eyes start to full with tears. and then, slowly. very slowly. she begins to cry.

and then it starts to get me. shit. why does she have to cry.


  1. what is the matter with the iccu patient?

    many thanks

    Dea Situmorang

  2. so... what do you doing after you found she cried? have you try to pacify her?


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