words hurt

mulutmu harimaumu, a saying that explains how every word that comes out of your mouth can defend you, your pride or cause you trouble and then bring you down. simple words can do that. facial expression would clarify your words.

i've learned that we are not supposed to talk much. i mean, we are supposed to talk only when we need to, not because we want to. literally. we don't have to give remark on every little thing that happens. especially to things that we know a little of. because then we might misunderstood. and then hurt someone by our words.

so i've learned. so i've known. but, still i make mistakes now and then. still make silly remarks on silly little things. still comment on unimportant things. still exaggerate things. still telling the same stories over and over again.

i'm trying though. hard. especially because life is so alive when lots of drama involved.

to all of you out there. i am deeply sorry for any words that came out of my filthy mouth that somehow annoy you, offend you, insult you, or hurt you.

i am mortal after all.


  1. word hurt ga selamanya seperti itu kadang kita juga perlu berkata kasar untuk melampiaskan emosi kita,atau sekedar menghilangkan stress,dan kadang kata2 yang menyakitkan juga diperlukan untuk membentuk mental/karakter seseorang


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