ever feel intimidated? i do. in my case, by patients. i feel lightly intimidated by patients who ask too much questions about many things. i feel moderately intimidated by patients who look and talk intellectually. it's like they have this aura and a sense of authority that can make people feel small and inferior.

if it happens. i tell myself,"hey, they know nothing about what happens to their body. that's why they come to you. so just show them what you have, what you know and what you can."


  1. hahaha.... sore dok...

    Yes, i have ever felt intimidated by anyone around me, but then i dont ever think that i need to show my ability off, cos i have no ability to show off, hehehe...

    lucky you doc...

    salam kenal yah, seems that we came from the same hometown yah, hihihi...

  2. Dok. Ini aku. hahaha..... jadi, sering merasa terintimidasi ga sama aku? semoga kaga. hahaha :-P


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