tired on the road

i'm tired of waiting. tired og being on the road so long. tired of uncertainties. i just wanna get there as soon as possible. get to work. get things done as much as possible. get useful. and feel whole all over again.

beberapa hari kemudian...

and so my journey is coming to an end. finally! after more than one month. the ship is approaching kabare where i'm going to sleep for a night and wait for my rocket to come and take me to dorehkar (fingers crossed!) the next morning. after that, i can begin my so-called pengabdian.

7 hari kemudian...

and so it's been 7 days i'm on the road and yet the end is still a blur. stelah memutuskan pergi ke sorong hr mggu lalu dan kemudian ke kabare hari senin malam, smpai saat ini sy masih luntang-lantung gak jelas. tiba d dorekhar slasa malam, kirim berita ke dorehkar lewat SSB the next morning, then got a reply from dorehkar on friday telling me to be prepared for pick-up tp sampe hr minggu pagi tgl 17 mei ini sy masih d kabare! skali lagi: I AM TIRED BEING ON THE ROAD SO LONG! makin hari. sy mrasa makin susah putting up nice happy smiley face. mikirin kpn org2 dorehkar itu bakal dtg ngejemput. what is taking them so long to get me here? help me out down here, will you!

kabare, 18 mei 2009


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