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so this is where i spend my christmas and new year holiday: rs lap marinda kab raja ampat. a more likely puskesmas plus than a hospital, tanpa bermaksud menghina. i know i might get trouble by writing (and publishing) this but, this is the truth as i know it.

jaga berdua with a colleague dari tgl 20 des smpe tgl 4 jan. thank god for her! if not i'm gonna die of bored here.

speaking of RS lap, let me enlighten you a bit about it. RS lap marinda is one of several of-its-kind hospital in indonesia. it is made of steel container. it is said to be made in germany. it is supposed to be a temporary hospital (that's why it is called rumah sakit lapangan), but the local government has asked the MoH in jakarta to leave the hospital to them.

it's commonly used in disaster-affected areas where its health facility (hospital) is damaged. be it man made disaster (war) or natural disaster (earthquake, volcano eruption). in raja ampat (and several other places in indonesia) the reason is because the district is newly established, raja ampat is an enlargement (pemekaran?!) from sorong district. so it needs a new, better, improved, equipped hospital as a health care provider to the people of the new district.

i think this rs lap is a huge clinic. the formal status is rumah sakit tipe D tp fasilitasnya lebih mirip klinik2 di bekasi ato puskesmas plus d jakarta sana. my former clinic in bekasi is even better than this.

facility: okey it has its own OR and recovery room and all the little (but important) stuffs but, does it has its own surgeon? whatabout anesthesiologist? NO! so, when is it going to be used? okey it has its own radiology department and a radiographer but, whatabout the radiologist? and how come i never see the incinerator being used? does its purpose just as a display? and after few days, i realize that this hospital lacks of many little but important stuffs such as NGT, benang silk. no curretage set! i think the list is not exhaustive!

man power: enough already! for a hospital it is obviously understaffed. it lacks of man power from doctors, nurses, midwifes, nutritionists, pharmacists to cook, cleaning service, and administration guy.

administration: my former clinic has almost all of their patients registered in the computer. this is an important part of the administration because i believe computerized system saves a great deal of time especially in the hospital setting. the medical records are quite neatly kept in shelves and it has different medical record colour for different type of patients (children, adults, patients with health insurance) while in this hospital the medical record for outpatient consist of one sheet F4-size white paper and the medical record for inpatient is bundled together in a yellow beaverboard.

medicines: as a public hospital in the one of the remote places in indonesia of course will provide generic drugs most of the time. no argue on that. but, why does it suffer from drugs shortage? where some of them are important ones? i really don't understand. i mean i has a lot of fund. and then why doesn't it have several not-generic-but-important drugs?

this may sound rude and arrogant, but if there's any fit and proper test for the position of director of the hospital, i think i would have passed it and sent the reigning director elsewhere. i would have made many improvements.

but there's no fit and proper test. so i better stop dreaming and start doing something i (can).

waisai, 20 desember 09 - 04 januari 10


  1. disana masih sering ada perang?

  2. @arema: papua barat relatif aman dari perang suku ato semacamnya. OPM juga lebih aktif di papua. tapi baru2 ini (kyknya smpe skrg deh) ada perang suku di timika. faraway dari tempat saya.

  3. mawka pindah ksana... (maunya...).. hehehheeee


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