6 minggu 5 hari di dorehkar: a different kind of story

it's full moon and i'm thinking about one particular friend who's getting married on may. i wonder why she received that man's proposal. is it because she thinks he's the one? does he complete her? or is it because she was afraid to say no? or because she's afraid there might not be a second, third or forth man that will propose her?

i'm thinking how does he complete her?

she is such a different story.

she loves soccer. sometimes she jumps off fence or stadium wall to get through when she doesn't have a ticket.
she loves the stars dan the sky at night, that's why she popped out of my mind tonight. she's actually a member of an amateur astronomer association in the planetarium, jakarta. she's planning on founding similar association in makassar.
she's a huge reader just as i am. she has a wide variety of books to read. that's why she has so broad of a knowledge.
she's an energizer rabbit. can't stop talking. hopping from one place to another. seems like she never runs out of energy.
she plays the guitar, or at least she's trying to. she's trying to play the keyboard as well.
she's not a big fan of make up and things alike, but i think that's gonna change in a few months ahead.
she's a dependable friend. always have a helping hand whenever anyone needs one.

she's my kind of girl, i guess.
and i miss her.

so full moon tell her i miss her for me. i know she's looking at you wherever she may be now.

and i'm still wondering how that man is going to complete her.

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