6 minggu 5 hari di dorehkar: things to do to kill time in dorehkar

here are several (if not many) things that we can do to kill time in dorehkar

- work out pagi mulai dari push up, pull up dan sit up. sore2 juga bisa dilakuin.
- take all the time you need in the bathroom. no need to hurry, of course unless an emergency situation occurs.
- read a lot. that's why we have to bring many reading materials with us. be they novels, textbooks or magazines.
- write anything! this whole ptt is a writing material.
- when we're examining patients, examine them thoroughly and carefully. write on the medical record as detail as possible (without overwhelming!)
- evening stroll around the kampung on a breezy evening would be nice
- swim on the shore, stroll around the beach, play beach volleyball!
- write reports to the dinas
- go to school, counsel them about health or personal hygiene
- take a lot of pictures. of you. of the people. of the patients. of the kampung. of the landscape. of the beach
- clean up your house (or the the place you live in) from top to bottom, front to back, inside out
- organize the medicines, files, medical records, your food supply
- eat! don't hold back. you don't wanna go home looking undernourished.
- bring along game watch, game boy, PSP or any kinds of game.

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