Liver Donor Anyone?

a vvery good old friend called me the other day. it's good to hear from her again because we didn't have the chance to meet last time i'm in jakarta for the atls course. it was a predictive phone call because i knew where the conversation was going. you see, this good old friend of mine whom i know so close since i was in elementary school is having a major problem. her 11 month old daughter is diagnosed atresia biliary and must undergo liver transplant ASAP.

the problem is neither he closest kin is likely to pass the screening test. she herself is unfortunately found positive for hepatitis. so, after knowing that i have the same blood type as her daughter, she asked for my help to donate 20% of my liver to her daughter. for a second i did not see her as a friend. it was a mother pleading for her daughter's life. i then, with no hesitation and much consideration agreed to help her. up to now it still surprises me how i responded so quickly and didn't feel heavy and difficult to say yes to her. of course what i said was that i am ready to help her but we're still far from me giving 20% of my liver to her daughter because there are tests to follow before i become the perfect match.

and the other thing is how to deliver this news to papa and aci. and this gives me the palpitation. of course. this is a huge decision. it's a matter of life and....death. *sigh* i hope this IS the right decision. this is not something you can easily digest because this is definitely not something you can ask for or hear everyday. so i'm not hoping that papa and aci will understand this easily but i hope they can see this from a mother's point of view.

and if i am a perfect match, i hope the surgery will go well with no complication afterwards.


  1. kak lukee..
    i wish ur donor-and-transplant process will going very very well, if u are the perfect match at last..

    and when u done with that, please write and tell me how does it feel--having ur liver 20% cut..

  2. @ika: thank you! amien....mudah2an semua berjalan lancar. and don't worry i'll tell ya how's it feel!

  3. wow... big decision u made... i hope everything will be okay!

    thx for visited my blog anw...hehehe


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