the big 3-0

on the final day of my 29 years of age, kepikiran,"why the hell am I still at this point of my life?"

i'm almost 30. not yet settled. still unsure where to go or what to do.

well, that's not entirely correct.

i know where to go or what i want to do. but it seems like i have bumps on the road that prevent me in reaching these goals. for almost entire time of my life, i've been given so many things. many of my wishes and dreams came true and my hopes fullfilled. now the G O D up there decides that i should try a little harder than i've ever done before. but i don't have time on my side.

so, should i surrender to the situation instead of pursuing my passion?

i know i'm not a quitter. but, once again, time is not on my side. i think i can only try until the end of this year. after that, i should consider settling down. and this is not only because the culture and society wants me too, but because i'm not getting younger by the day.

let's just hope--and try--that something good will happen to me before this year ends.

bekasi, may 1st, 2011.


  1. Lukey, Don't stop believing, doc!!

  2. You seem to be confused. If I were you, I would take a day off, sit down and think through to define what success is for me. What is really important in my life. Well, anyway, happy new year Herr Doktor!

  3. Tetaplah semangat Dokter, NIKMATILAH MASA SEKARANG dan JANGAN TERHANYUT PADA MASA DATANG SEHINGGA MELUPAKAN MASA SEKARANG. Spiritualitas saya mnyebutnya "THE POWER OF PRESENT!", lepas dari itu, bagi sebagian orang, SELAMA SESEORANG MASIH PUNYA SEMANGAT DAN CITA-CITA MAKA SELAMA ITU PULA IA DIKATAKAN MUDA!, ayooolah kawan, bangsa ini menantikan pengabdian mu, biarkanlah alam mengambil perannya, dan mari kita menikmati semua perubahan ini, dengan suka cita, salam hangat MOVAZ

  4. @anon: I Won't. tq!
    @arema: i am confused. that's why i'm going to wait until the end of the year to see what's going on. then, i'll decide.
    @movaz: tq! saya bakal inget kata2nya mas!


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