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and so i took a third job. this makes my work hours rise up approximately 102 hours per week. memang terdengar gila. but i need the money. bukannya rakus, serakah ato sejenisnya. it's just that in my age i need a whole a lot of money to help accomplish my goals. jadi di sini uang adalah alat. bukan tujuan.

i want to do many things. i want to go to many places. i definitely cannot ask for my father to pay for them. i must pay for it by myself.

question: am i enjoying this? obviously not. but i cannot avoid this at least until 2 more years. i have to work thrice as much to get money twice--i guess--as much as someone at my age makes. a fellow-blogger commented on one of my post asking am i happier? my answer is: i don't know. if you ask me if i am happy all the time? the answer is no. yes, i feel happy. but at a certain time and place. i am definitely not happy with the situation that i have to work 3 jobs. i lost time for myself, time to loosen up my joints, i lost time to do some cleaning, i lost time to just lay around lazily in front of the tv, i lost time to hangout with friends, i lost time.......i don't even remember anymore what i lost.

but then i realize that now i can write more, read more, contemplate more until i get to the point that i am more grateful for what i have now and what have been given to me.

all and all, it still sucks to work hard and have so little time for myself, but i realize that i am actually much more luckier than some of the people i've met or ever worked with.


  1. I second you... being grateful is the key to being happier methinks :)
    So what are those 3 jobs? You are a GP in a hospital, that one I know. What are the other 2?

  2. tiga2nya sebagai GP mas. satu di rumah sakit. satu di klinik 24 jam. satu lagi di klinik 12 jam.

  3. well, itu bukan dosa toh?
    sesuatu dicapai tidak selalu dengan mudah. gimana kita memandangnya aja. ayo miringin sudut pandangnya biar agak beda dikit. :)


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