and i feel lost once again.

the reason is one of my dear friends got married. she is one of my closest friends for the past a couple of years. i feel lost because i can't hang around close with her anymore. she's someone's wife now and it is regulated by the society that thou shalt not befriend too intimate with one's wife.

now, as i literally stroll along the road that we've taken, flood of memories rush through my mind about the places we've been, the things we've done, the stories we've shared.

i'm happy. but i'm also sad. because i know that i have to let you go. as Gibran said in The Prophet,"...for life goes now backward nor tarries with yesterday." and so i let you go to other places, do other crazy stuffs, make a whole new different story with the man you love.

selamat menempuh hidup baru, dear friend, dear little sister. i pray you happiness all the way :)


  1. Selamat menempuh hidup baru ya for your closest friend. Bisa ngerasain kok rasa campur aduknya itu, di satu sisi kita ikut senang karena dia akan menikah, but another side, we are sad, krn ga bisa sering2 ngumpul. Huhu. Tp doanya tulus bgt deh, bikin yg baca senyum.

  2. Selama ini teman jalanku yg terdekat juga seorang cewe... tapi dia mulai menjauh karena ada pacar cowo...
    Masalah kesepian ini akan semakin menjadi jadi seiring bertambahnya usia dok...


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