the belated 2012 resolution

eventhough 2012 is already entering the second month, i'm going to write down my resolution for this year. because i believe that if you have no purpose, if you have nothing to look forward to, then you have no reason to live.

so here are my reasons to live this year:

1. to read and write even more. reading more not only fictions but also work-related reading materials. other than that i'm gonna read more on my interest of disaster management. writing more is marked with more postings on both blogs. i'm going to read not only big important things, but also small but still meaningful materials.

2. find other ways, other scholarship opportunities in order to continue my study abroad. even if i have to 'sell' my life to the government (baca: jadi PNS) hahaha.....

3. push the 'start' button on my on-hold love life.

4. keep on pursuing my interest in working at disaster management field

5. menuntaskan resolusi-resolusi tahun kemarin yang belum tercapai juga hahaha.....

6. menjadi dokter yang lebih care kepada pasien

beberapa resolusi tampaknya straight forward dan jelas, sementara yang lainnya lebih abstrak (seperti poin nomor 6) tapi inilah yang terpikir oleh saya sekarang.

so let's get to work, shall we! :)


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