The Whitney Houston-Post

as my mind brings me back to the years I first knew Whitney Houston, which was on the early 90's (the Bodyguard Soundtrack was the first cassette recorder I ever bought), can't help wondering what really happened during the last hour of her life. some of us probably have heard what was going on a couple hours before she was found in the bath tub.

but what actually was on her mind at that time?

did she feel any pain?
was she suffering?
did she have any feeling that she's going to die that evening?

we'll never know, I guess.

one thing for sure: we'll always love you, nippy :)


  1. penyesalan selalu datang belakangan... giliran orangnya udah gak ada, baru deh gue sadar ternyata suaranya mahadahsyat. selama ini denger lagu lagu dia yang itu itu aja... RIP Ms Houston :'(


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