on movie, change and good old days

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last month i watched a 10-year old indonesian movie which was a blockbuster at that time. the movie was played for 2 days in celebrating its 10th anniversay.

it made me come to my senses then, how huge the world changes in just a decade.

a movie is a portrait of a certain society at a certain time. and so this movie captured the way teenagers in jakarta lived that day.

things were so different back then when cell phones and internet were luxuries. you have to call them at home. and when they're not home, it's almost impossible to reach them.

photoboxes were scattered everywhere. yeah, until the end of time teenagers will always be LABIL hahahaha......

musikalisasi puisi was a short-lived trend. but it sure was a big trend.

i didn't remember what they called back then, but the scenes where cinta is confused whether to choose Rangga or her friends, is now called GALAU :)

thank you Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza for making the good old days seem even worse.


  1. hahaha sekarang giliran saya main ke sini.

    kemarin ikutan nonton 10 film ini juga nih di blok M square! kok kita gak ketemu ya :p

    tapi kamu nge-blog dengan konsisten, seperti ibaratnya lomba lari kamu larinya konstan jadi gak capek, sedang saya lari berhenti-lari berhenti.

    salam kenal :)


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