what happened to us?

"ada orang yang masuk ke dalam hidup kita dan berlalu dengan cepat. ada yang tinggal beberapa lama dan meninggalkan jejak hati kita. dan diri kita pun tak akan pernah sama seperti sebelumnya."

what happened to us?
that's what you asked me on one evening the last time we met at a coffee shop in blok m. a question i've been asking myself for a few weeks. i don't know, i honestly don't know is what i said to you.

and then you tried to explain it to what i thought as your side of the story. i chose to talk less. because i know if try to tell you my side of story, you'd be mad and we'd be fighting. something that i've been trying to avoid. besides, defending myself and putting on more arguments will only make me look even guiltier. me being stubborn asshole and you being attention-annoying whore make us quarrel so often.

and so here we are. not talking to each other. and i still don't know what exactly happened to us. what led us to this point.

you once said that,"if you have no intentions on catching, why you make me fall?" and i once said that i am actually ready to catch you. i just don't know how. 

the last time we met at a coffee shop in blok m, i told you what i can give to you and what i want from this relationship. it's more than one week now and i hear nothing from you. i guess you have decided to call it off. something that i regrettably have to accept, but you should know that, in my mind, i still care about you.

PS. jumat malam, out of the blue, tiba2 dia sms. nanya kabar dan kemudian kita saling kirim sms beberapa kali. terakhir kemudian saya tanya,"so, does it mean we're no talking?" 
no answer.


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