A Letter to Chris Martin

Dear Mr. Martin,
First of all, thank you for even opening my email and then reading it out.
Second, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lukman Hakim. I am a medical doctor by profession from Indonesia. As a general physician, I would like you to appoint me as your personal physician throughout your tour across England.

The reasons are as follows:

1. I am a certified ATLS physician, so if you, God forbid, experience a fatal (or near fatal) accident during your concert that needs emergency care, I would be able to perform the necessary procedures to save your life before transporting you to a better medical facility for advanced care.

2. If you have a cardiac arrest, I would be able to perform resuscitation to bring you back to life. Of course after that, I have to refer you to hospital for further investigation and care.

3. If you fall from the stage and suffer from a severe head trauma and possibly spinal cord injury, I would be able to immobilize your head, neck and spine, keep them in in-line position and then perform medical evacuation as soon as possible.

4. I have experience in general medicine, so anytime you have a flu or just simple headache, I would be able to treat you in seconds before sending you back to stage to perform and wow the whole crowd.

5. I would check any food or drinks that are served to you, so you will be avoided from any food poisoning or stomach flu from under prepared or unhygienic food. And also to keep you away from gastroenteritis diseases caused by contaminted water or food.

6. I will make sure that you have the necessary rest before and after each concert, so you can play all out during your tour.

7. I will check the sanitation on your hotel room, backstage room (or whatever you call it), and anywhere you go, to make sure that you don't get any germs or viruses from these places that can make you sick.

8. My service is also extended for the rest of the band member and all of their immediate family (I know you have separated from Gwyneth, but if she comes to the concert I will still treat her as part of your family).

9. I'm a huge fan of you and the band. I've been following Coldplay since Parachutes. I got really interested in the band's music because it offered (and still does) different and unique sound and ambience that I've never heard before. And the videos never fail to amaze me. They are just awesome. And now with Ghost Stories, I'm pretty sure it will be a huge success all over the world. I think, being a huge fan, counts as as good reason on why you should take me on your tour.

I guess I've written all my reasons. I sincerely hope you will grant this wish, so I can come to England, spend some time with you and the band and see how England really is, how the people are, how the culture like, how pleasant the weather is in autumn.
Thank you and take care.


Lukman Hakim, MD -- a loyal fan of Coldplay

Ignore the photo. It's just me eating Mister Potato, a famous potato chip snack here in Indonesia. I can bring it to England if you want to.


  1. Ini dikirim betulan kak? Serunya itu kalau diterima...😁😁😁


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