Talking about Wrong Thing in the Wrong Hand

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that the following story was based on actual event, I will deny any allegation or presumption on when or where it actually took place.

I am writing this because it is too horrible to be forgotten. I am writing this because a man's life, whoever it is, is precious. I am writing this because the mind is a dense jungle where everything could be lost upon entering.

One afternoon we received a young boy with a GSW to the head. When I examined the head, brain matter coming out of the back of the head through a small hole.

I am mad. So mad when I found out that it was accidental. The boy was playing with his friend who happened to carry a Kalashnikov casually as if it was something a teenage boy would bring when hanging out with his friends, when that friend accidentally pulled the trigger and shot him at the back of his head.

Didn't see any exit wound, so the bullet is most likely still lodged inside the cranium.

I am furious to be exact. I just can't believe that some people consider a gun, a rifle is a toy, something to play with. Especially in this place where was is raging and gun is easily found. I thought they are supposed to be more careful and wiser with this thing, since they're seen what a weapon can do, how war changes their lives and their country and how a gun in the wrong hand can be vvery dangerous.

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GSW = Gun Shot Wound


  1. Agree, even in the war zone, those guns should not be on children's reach. How's the kid doing now?

  2. kamu pemberani sekali pak.. gw pasti udah pingsan ngadepin yang begini...


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