Today, Three Years Ago: The Beginning of an Amazing Journey

Hari ini. Tiga tahun lalu.

I can't believe that time flies so fast. Three years ago i was having the time of my life in Italy. Starting my work with MSF.

It was October 3rd, 2013. As usual, I had the pre-departure insomnia the night before. All morning--til afternoon--I was still preparing documents. I even had the phone briefing in the afternoon with Brussels. I remembered that I had this intense nervous running all over my body. It's like something big was going to happen to me and it's coming closer.

I took a last look at the house and got on the taxi. Picked up a friend on the way to the airport and off we went.
Oh I could still so much feel the thrill and excitement.

I arrived in Rome, Italy for a pre-departure prep training before going for my first mission in Karachi, Pakistan. I spent almost 2 weeks in a beautiful countryside hotel in Vitorchiano. I met wonderful people and was exposed to things that I've never experienced before.

It was amazing. It prepared me for whatever expecting me in the field.


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