The Perks of Having a Personal Trainer

So, I'm back to the gym starting the last week of September. Of course, I also hired a personal trainer to accompany me when I'm training. Seems extravagant, but actually there are reasons why I decided to do it. The first thing of course because it's been more than a year that I last time hit the gym, so I kinda need a good training regime. But in general, personal trainer is there to help us minimize the risk of injury. They will help us lifting the weights, the dumb bells, etc. They will also show us the correct way of using an instrument, so as to minimize the risk of injury. Besides, using instrument correctly will also affect the right (group of) muscles which in turn will eventually give the desired effect.

Another perks of having a personal trainer is that they will set up a specific training regime to your needs to help you reach your specific goal. Since everybody has different reasons why they join the fitness center, a fine-tuned practice regime is needed to help achieve training goal. Other than that, different body types also demands different training regime. We can't give the same regime to every person because of course have different weight and height.

Last one I can think of is that your personal trainer is kinda your faithful gym buddy. You will almost always in contact with him (or her) regarding the regime, diet or even training schedule. You (or your PT) will engage in conversation about your work, his work, your family, his family and everything in between. For my case in specific, he made me a teh manis hangat when I was about to faint after a hard leg day.


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