Another Airstrike to MSF-Supported Hospital in Yemen

view from an apartment unit on top of Aljumhuri Hospital in Hajjah

It breaks my heart to know that another MSF-supported hospital that I personally know, have visited and grew fond of was damaged by an airstrike on Dec 6, 2017. The hospital I'm talking about is Aljumhuri hospital in Hajjah city in Hajjah governorate, Yemen. I was in Yemen last year, so I am quite familiar with the situation and with the condition of the people there.

Aljumhuri hospital in Hajjah is one of our referral hospitals. It has ICU with ventilators (which is quite rare in that part of Yemen), operating theatres, nutrition department, neonatal ward with few incubators (which again quite rare in that part of Yemen) and few other services. I referred patients many times from my hospital in Abs to Hajjah. So hearing the news really breaks my heart.  

The hospital is an important healthcare facility in northern part of Yemen. It is the go-to hospital for many of our war wounded patients referred from further northern part of the country where the clash is more intense.
The damage of the hospital means that there are many people--not only the ones living nearby the hospital, but also living further up north--who will feel the impact of the incident.

Not only that, I also remember that there are many dedicated people whom I know personally that are working and supporting that hospital. Losing them can further cripple down the healthcare system in the country. I can only hope and pray that they escaped the incident unharmed.

To read more about the incident, please open this link. To read more about my experience in Yemen, click this link.


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