Being an ER Doctor

 chaos after the storm

Being a medical doctor working in an ER of a small private hospital in a huge city sometimes gets me scared. I get scared when I receive difficult cases. Cases that can make my heart pounds faster. Cases that can give me chills and make me sweat. Cases that can make me question my ability.

Eventhough I'm entering my 10th year as a general practitioner I still doubt myself every now and then. Doubting whether I have the correct diagnose. Doubting whether I have ordered the necessary work ups. Doubting whether I give the right initial treatment.

Which is probably good, I guess.

Because it means that I am not satisfied with what I have and what I know at the moment and continue to look for improvement, not only for me but also for my patients.

But as someone who's been on the business for quite some time, I should know better compare to some rookies that just started their career in a clinic.

That is why the thought of going back to school crossed my mind. And then quickly erased because I simply can't afford it. and then I turn my thought into subscribing a medical magazine/journal that can keep me up to date with the latest advancement in the world of medicine.

Not yet happening but I intend to do it as soon as possible.

But as these cases scare me, they excite me as well. Make me think hard and scratch my head over and over to know what is going on with the patient and how to fix it.

I never always get it right but I also never get it wrong all the time.

It's probably what makes me fall in love with the profession on the first place. Human body fascinates me. You can have two persons with the same disease and yet they don't necessarily respond to the same treatment. You get excited and worried at the same time and when you finally get the job done you will feel relieved.


  1. sometime i get that feeling too often and than make me realize that i have to go to school to get more knowledge. but not right now. hahaha.

    feeling that way make us realize that medicine thing is long life learningggg.. hahaha.


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