The 18-Hour Shift

 Lankien OT after the storm

Just finished an exhausting anxiety-inducing shift. It starts around 4 pm on Sunday and supposedly ends on Monday 9 am. So roughly around 18 hours. But in reality, most of the time I finish after 9 am. It's actually two shifts combined into one: Sunday evening shift and Sunday night shift. I take those shifts because I live far from the hospital, so I thought it's better to take 2 shifts at one time instead of only one.
It is a long shift and should not be regular. A once or twice a month would be okay, but I have been doing this on a weekly basis since 2017 and I'm not sure if I can do it any longer. At the moment, it's the only way I can continue working for MSF and at the same time providing means for my family.

Since I returned from my latest mission, from mid February up to April the number of patients have increased enormously and there have been times that I have to admit that I'm overwhelmed. This can endanger both the patients that I treat since the quality of care would not be optimal and me as the caregiver since I would be very tired, don't get any sleep, missing lunch or dinner and in the long run will jeopardize my health. 

Many times, I arrive to see all the beds are occupied by patients that have not gotten any rooms, so they are staying much longer in the ER which makes it difficult for me to see other patients if they come in real emergency.

That and the fact that I have to commute for 4 hours to get to the hospital and 4 hours to get back have put me into thinking to look for jobs closer to home but still guaranteeing that I can still go for a mission in the future. 

And so the story continues...


  1. Wow 8 hours total just to go and back to hospital is indeed a long journey Bro. Is there any possibility to move close to your duty station?

    Stay safe Bro

    1. The hospital I'm talking about is the hospital I work at when I'm in Indonesia bro. I recently start to work closer to home. But, that's for another blog post. :)


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