Poems for My Son - William Hill*

"Things not said, advice not given,
envelopes unstamped, regrets enveloping me.
Is it easier, I wonder?
I ponder, I guess. I guess. I guess.
Guess. Guess.
Do you think of me as I do of you, my son?
My son. My son.
The thing's you'll do I'll never know. The pain. The secrets.
Oh, to be given a chance.
A start. The restart. The fresh start.
Will love come for you as it did for me?
Find you? Wreck you? Save You?
And if life breaks for you the way it would not break for me, if love hunts
you, finds you, captures you, will you hold it tight?
Nurture it? protect it?
I hope you will. I hope you can.
This father's advice is not required,
it has no call. So instead, I'll share some from another.
It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."
*William Hill is a character in the series This is Us. This is one of his poems that he wrote for his son, Randall.


  1. Loved start, and middle of poem. Absolutely disagree with The End.


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